1. The team is to consist of two pairs.
  2. Each pair shall play both of the opposing pairs in a best of three sets rubber, with tie breaks at 6-6 in the first 2 sets. The 3rd set should be played as a Championship tiebreak (to 10 points). This is scored by the winning team as 1 – 0 (8) with the losing teams score in brackets.
  3. If a team is unable to field a full side they should still send one pair.
  4. If a team concedes a match (i.e. doesn’t send even one pair), 2 points will be deducted from the team who concedes. The team that has been conceded to can claim all 4 rubbers.
  5. Visiting teams should keep a record of the results.
  6. Where a club has 2 (or 3) teams in the League the A (& B) team must nominate 4 players for that team before the first match for any team has been played. This should be done by emailing the league organiser. A player nominated for the A (or B) team will not be eligible to play in the lower team and players in the B or C team will be able to play up in the A (or B) team twice only before being tied to that team.
  7. Refreshments - after match refreshments should be drinks and biscuits only.
  8. Balls - The home team is responsible for providing 8 new balls.
  9. One point will be scored for each rubber won. Rubbers not completed for any reason other than bad weather, shall be forfeited by the team unable to compete.
  10. The League winners will be decided on points won. If there is a tie, then sets won will be taken into account and sets against. If at this stage there is still a tie, then games won will be considered and then games against.
  11. The HOME team is responsible for sending the completed score sheet to the League Organiser immediately after the match please, either by post or email. They should indicate whether it is the A, B or C team when a club has more than one team and complete both first and second names for each player.
  12. If a pair concede the first rubber once play has started then they will be deemed to be conceding the 2nd rubber as well.
  13. Matches should only be re-arranged due to poor weather or club commitments. In such a case the home team should ask the away team for any dates when they already have matches and then offer 3 alternative dates. If the away team cannot do any of those dates they must concede the match.
  14. Matches should NOT be rearranged at the last minute (48 hours) because a team cannot be raised.
  15. All matches should be completed by the end of July (weather permitting!)